Friday, November 25, 2005

Dummies in the DC area...Looking for a few good men and women (Charm Style)

Dummies in the DC area...Looking for a few good men and women (Charm Style)
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Ole Sarge just received his orders to go on another recruiting trip. This time my Commander in Chief has giving me the authorization to recruit outside my prescribe boundary. Ole Sarge gets to take him a lil a trip north on the BW Parkway (Baltimore Washington) and stop in Charm City (Baltimore) to read the “Idiot Oath of Enlistment” being that we love acronyms in the military from hence forth the “Idiot Oath Enlistment” will be called I.O.E’s

Fresh from the pages of the Baltimore Sun.

“The Baltimore City Council took a break yesterday from the routine of local government - renaming schools, appointing bureaucrats to commissions, closing alleys - and delved into U.S. foreign policy by demanding the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.”

Baltimore was named the 6th most dangerous city in America. With a mayor who wants the people of Maryland to promote him to Governor and with local council members in the past passing resolutions for demanding the right of self-determination for the Lithuanian people, condemning slavery in Mauritania, criticizing the repression of the Ahmadiyya religious movement by the Pakistani government, and calling for the end of violence in Northern Ireland and apartheid in South Africa. I didn’t mind filling up my gas guzzling SUV to drive to B-More. I figure since the Army is having such a hard time recruiting, I might as well try to humor myself and enlist as many as I can in the Army of Idiots. Quite charming isn’t it…….

Ole Sarge thinks that the reason why the Baltimore City Council wants the troops out of Iraq is to stop fighting Al Qaeda and go after Al Thugga in B-More.

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